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The Hamer tribe, in southern Ethiopia, celebrates the transition from boyhood to manhood in a very particular way. The future man has to accomplish a number of rituals, including jumping naked over the backs of several bulls. This will grant him the right to marry, own cattle, and have children. The event gathers numerous Hamer families in the area.


But if that wasn't unusual enough, the rite is preceded by whole day of home made brew drinking, dancing and... women abuse. The Maza's, who have reached manhood in previous ceremonies, whip women with a thin wooden stick. It might not seem like much, but their backs get slowly covered in wounds and blood. Overlapping existing scars.

Shockingly, this abuse is not only consented, but it is women who actually beg the Maza's to be whipped. They believe the greater the pain the higher loyalty is shown to the young man, and the ceremony is seen as an act of affection towards their male relatives.


Tradition or abuse? Such disturbing practice in times of great women empowering around the world. Controversy is served.

Turmi, Omo Valley. Ethiopia.
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